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Enterprise dev w Spring Framework

Enterprise Development with Spring Framework

1. Core Spring Framework (Beginner – 1 day)
• Revisiting Dependency Injection patterns
• Spring Beans, Application Contexts and wiring
• Configuring, running and integration testing of Spring application

2. REST Web Services (Intermediate – 2 days)
• Principles of Restful Architectures
• Spring MVC architecture overview
• Implementing REST with Spring MVC Controllers
• Deploying REST Web Services into Java Container
• Designing resources and representations
• Mapping resources to URLs
• Designing resources and associations in RESTful API
• Querying, filtering via REST
Securing REST APIs
• Handling CORS for Restful clients
• Establishing REST security via tokens

3. SOAP Web Services with Spring (Intermediate – 2 days)
• Architecting SOAP Web Services
• Declaring Web Services metadata with WSDL
• Bottom-up approach from metadata to implementation
• Implementing SOAP with Spring Web Services
• Client access and unit testing of SOAP

4. Message Queues with RabbitMQ (Intermediate – 2 days)
• Designing Systems for distributed cross-component communication
• RabbitMQ as a queue-based message broker
• Implementing messaging with RabbitMQ in Spring