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Sébastien Chopin – author of Nuxt.JS
13.-14. November 2019 – Hilton Double Tree, Košice

– Introduction – Why Nuxt.js is the perfect fit for your next (or existing) Vue application – Nuxt.js Introduction and Overview – Features and Limitations

– File based routing
– Vuex and the new module mode
– Layouts
– Exercise – Complete the workshop project

– SSR vs. SPA mode – When to use which mode

– Comparison of the mode
– Use cases for SSR and SPA
– Dynamically change mode based on the route

– Nuxt plugins – The pinch of salt in the soup

– Capabilities, typical use cases and best practices when using plugins – `inject` ing custom logic
– organize API calls in Nuxt with repositories and Nuxt plugins
– Include global components

– Exercise – Improve our workshop project with Nuxt plugins – Nuxt Modules – Decouple and Encapsulate recurring logic

– Nuxt Hooks – Alter the framework behavior – Module Structure

– Templating in modules
– Registering plugins
– Altering the nuxt.config.js
– Exercise – Let’s build our own Nuxt Module

– Nuxt and the JAMstack: Static Site Generation

– What is JAMstack
– Benefits and Opportunities
– Caveats with Nuxt.js
– Full static mode
– Deployment to Netlify
– Exercise – Deploy the workshop project to Netlify

– Profile and analyze your application

– Webpack Analyzer and Bundle Buddy
– Lighthouse audit “the right way”
– CI with lighthouse bot
– Exercise – Analyze the workshop app and make some improvements