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Mobile Session

02. 04. 2019

Mobile Session

[meetup_timetable][meetup_timetable_content title=”Opening” time=”19:00″]Pred zahájením session bude prichystané malé občerstvenie.[/meetup_timetable_content][meetup_timetable_content title=”Prezentácia.” time=”19:00 – 20:15″]iOS:
Build a hate blocker with Natural Language Framework
In this approximately 45 minutes long talk I present how to build a hate blocker by using only iOS and macOS frameworks. After a quick intro to Natural Language Processing I talk about Natural Language Framework that was introduced in iOS 12 and tackles many NLP tasks. Then I show how to train a simple text classifier in macOS 10.14 using CreateML Framework. Finally, during a live coding session I demonstrate how training dataset influences accuracy of a machine learning model.

iOS Lightning talk:

Concurrency on iOS
This talk is about threading, concurrency and ways to approach it in iOS. Firstly I talk about concurrency theory, problems concurrency solves (and brings) and typical use cases and solutions. Then I explain the principles of GCD followed by Operation Queues. Both of these topics are explained from basic to more advanced uses.

ML Kit
Would your application benefit from features such as text recognition or face detection, but the concept of machine learning seems too scary? It doesn’t have to, thanks to the newest member of the Firebase family – ML Kit. Join Michal and Marek and learn how to leverage the power of machine learning in Android applications using the simple APIs of the Firebase ML Kit.

Android Lightning talk:
Flutter – Widgets Everywhere
Flutter is the new buzzword in mobile development. This new framework, developed by Google, allows you to create cross platform apps with (almost) native performance. Have you already played with it? If not, Tomáš will share with you an introduction to Flutter, show you good and ugly things about the framework and in the end he will compare Flutter’s performance with other mobile development frameworks.[/meetup_timetable_content][meetup_timetable_content title=”Networking” time=”20:30 – 21:45″]Dáme si spolu niečo na zahryznutie aj na zapitie :)[/meetup_timetable_content][/meetup_timetable]

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